Monday, March 09, 2009

Reality TV Addict

We are deep in the heart of reality television season and I am loving it, Brent not so much. Our family along with other family and friends are in a "Survivor" pool where we all pay for entry and then each of us are randomly given a Survivor. I am proud to say that the three of us are still in the running!!

My survivor player is Debbie.
I like her thus far, she seems to be quite active and has enough strength to pretty much keep up in the challenges.

Brent's survivor is J.T.

J.T. is pretty much as hick as it gets. He's really strong though, but I think his uncertainty with his alliances might catch up with him. It is kind of funny because Brent does not follow the series so has no idea if he's still in it or not. If Brent wins, he splitting the money with me since I keep him updated!!

Bryekin's survivor is Stephen.

Stephen is 100% adorable, lovable geek!! He seems to be such a sweet guy, but definitely dorky!! I am thinking that if Stephen aligns with Taj, Brenden and Sierra, he could go all the way! Is a 9 month old gonna win this game???!!!

Aside from Survivor, my other favorites include Jon & Kate plus 8, Little People, Big World, The City, Biggest Loser, Rock of Love Bus, The Girls Next Door, several others, and last but not least....dum, dum, dum... Dancing With The Stars, which started tonight!!!!! I am glad to see Holly Madison from The Girls Next Door made it on the show at the last minute, however, I am thinking she is not going to make it to the end unfortunately. You do need some rhythm aside from beauty to make it to the finals here. I am rooting for Chuck Wills and his partner/girlfriend Julianne Hough. Perhaps he may propose sometime during the show!!!!