Monday, March 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

There are only a few minutes left of Dr. Suess' birthday, but I have to share the Cat in the Hat that Bryekin made at Meghan's today!!

This past weekend had a couple of firsts. Bryekin got to have pancakes for breakfast!!

Brent and I went to the Pioneer, which isn't a first, but it was the first time since they added on and it turned out very nice. There is much more room and your not running into someone every time you turn around. We had our own booth with a group of our friends and danced the night away to the D-Boys band (they played at our wedding!!) I also won myself a Budweiser insulated cooler!!! Please don't ask how.

Bryekin and I are off to hopefully visit baby Ryker tomorrow and then off to Eau Claire to see Grandma and Grandpa P. We've had a gift for Ryker for a while, but he was born while we were in Marinette for my Uncle's funeral, so we haven't met him yet, only have seen pictures!! I'm interested to see how Bryekin likes such a new baby!!