Saturday, March 14, 2009

Birthday(s) Party

January and February are home to 4 birthday's in our family!! My mom's b-day is on January 28, Alli Roe's is on January 30, my dad's is on February 15, and Pam's is on February 22. We get together and celebrate all the birthday's at once and guess where we are having the party this year...

You guessed it... Chuck E. Cheese!!! Alli's choice of course!! The wonderful thing about this year's party is that Molly is also flying home tomorrow morning, so she'll be able to join us!! Bryekin is big enough too that he should be able to ride some of the kiddie rides!! My plan is to kick my mom's butt in skeeball. I can't wait to go!! ...where a kid can be a kid!!