Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese

Molly, Drew, Brent and I had every intention on winning 1000 tickets to get Bryekin a wiggle ball. Well, we came up 617 tickets short:( My skeeball game wasn't on today and Brent and Drew spent more time at the hunting game which doesn't reward you with tickets, rather than winning big on the ticket games. Molly hit big on some wooden bucket catapult game!!

Bryekin did have a fun time riding with Chuck E. in his photo car and also had a nice ride in Bob the Builder's rig. The Roe children played a lot in the tubes at the jungle gym and Alli was a frequent passenger in Bob the Builder's rig as well!!

It was really hot in that place and very overwhelming with all the kids running around. I could not believe the amount of kids who were left unattended running all over!! That is what Chuck E. Cheese is for right? Well, to a point, but there was even an infant left in their car seat in a booth and I watched for over 10 minutes and no one checked on that baby!! What are these people thinking??? That is asinine (as my dad would say)!!
The point to this trip was to get together and celebrate all the Jan/Feb birthday's. We really did have a great time and we would certainly do it again, for the kids that is!!

P.S. Bryekin still ended up with a wiggle ball, we just paid the difference!!