Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What a funny day...

After getting moving this morning, Brent, Bryekin and I headed out of town for a bit of a fun surprise (more on that in the future.) But Bryekin Leach, that little guy is sooooooo dang funny. Brent and I were talking on the way home and we had more fun watching him during our time out, he is such a riot!!!!!!!!!

When we got home today I had to get going to work, but first needed to make a stop at Gillan Day Spa. I got my hair done yesterday and when I went to check out I realized that my wallet was at home. That morning I had been balancing my check book on line and I left it on the chair. Jenny, being the awesome person/hairstylist she is, told me just to swing in tomorrow and pay then. So, I told her I'd be in before work. Well.......this morning I took my wallet and put it in Bryekin's diaper bag and of course forgot to take it out when I left for town. I pulled into Gillan and literally said to myself, "you've got to me kidding me." So, I turned around, drove home, got my wallet and went back and paid. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I'm heading to Hudson in the morning for class and hopefully some shopping afterwards. There are killer sales at Kohls and Woodbury, MN is my favorite shopping destination! Bryekin goes to Meghan's and Brent heads out of town for "Gang Training" in Madison.

Brent and I are awaiting our latest purchase to arrive by ground freight. Bryekin is the proud new owner of a swing set.

He doesn't know it yet, but it is actually his b-day present from Brent and I and my mom and dad. As you can see, Bryekin thinks he is a race car driver already, so I had to order him the steering wheel.

The steering wheel already arrived last week and I let him play with it. Too funny. I LOVE that little boy.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Time to Party....in 2 more months that is.

Being the dork that I am, I am already planning Bryekin's 1st birthday party. It is going to be over Memorial Day weekend, I'm just working on all the "minor" details. My sister called last week and said that she and Ned (her BF) had just purchased plane tickets to come home for Bryekin's party!!!!!!!!!! So, that got me all geared up to get everything in order. Rumor has it that my Grandma and Aunt Mary are already planning on coming as well!!

We attended Kennady's 1st birthday party in January, so we kind of got an idea of what we are in for. Here's an example...

Kennady (aka Sissy) is Bryekin's partner in crime at his baby sitter's. As I mentioned in my first ever blog posting, Kennady leaned over and gave Bryekin a kiss on his creek on his first day there and now they are quite the duo. Meghan is Kennady's mom and Bryekin's babysitter. She is sooooooooooo awesome and we are sooooooooooo fortunate to have her!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bryekin just adores her!!!!

Let the countdown begin for the party.............

Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Phones!!!

I determined that Brent and I needed to have the latest in cell phone technology, so yesterday I went out and purchased new cell phones with a new cell phone plan. WHAT A DEAL I got through AT&T (thanks Josh). We used to have Alltel, but I switched because now we have the internet, email, and every type of messaging you can imagine and the deal at AT&T was to good to pass up!! The phones are touch screen too!!!! Check it out!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MOST Training

Tonight I drove MC1, Dunn County's mobile command unit, up to Colfax for MOST training. MOST stands for Mayo One Safety Training. We had a bit of classroom learning and then Mayo's newest helicoptor landed and we got to check it out. It was very pretty!! I give so much credit to all of our ems personnel as that is one job that I don't think I could do. I would do it if I had to, but as a full time profession, nope. So thank you so all of our medical personnel out there for doing what you do.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Why is it that baby's find an item and use it for security purposes? Some babies have stuffed animals, the Gosselin sextuplets have "chewies," some babies prefer sucking their thumbs, but Bryekin, he LOVES his blankie.

When he was first born we kept a Carter's little blue stuffed puppy dog next to his bedside in the hospital. He probably never knew it was there, but Brent and I did and for some reason we found comfort in the fact that we knew we put it there for Bryekin. After he was released, that puppy dog has just sat in the same spot in his room. Maybe some day he'll understand why Brent and I love that dog.

My blankie meant so much to me growing up, I was definitely attached. However, I think I am ready to retire him. I have no plans on throwing him away, but with a new baby in the house means a new blankie in the house and there isn't room for two. Knowing what comfort that blanket brought to me, I will certainly allow Bryekin to have his blankie (most of the time).

This poor blankie started out as a sunshine yellow color with yellow satin that was replaced by my grandma's several times. It used to be one square of blankie, but over time it turned into a ragged thin piece of fabric. That blanket has been around the world, literally, and has seen it's days!!!

Now Bryekin's blankie on the other hand... Bryekin was given his blankie by Grandma Sherry when he was born. He couldn't have it in his bassinet in the Special Care Nursery, so I took care of it for him, right along with my blankie. After we got home from the hospital Bryekin didn't really care about his blankie. We would give it to him and he liked it just fine, but really didn't seem to care if he had it or not. These days however that blanket is Bryekin's best friend!! It is there for him in the morning when he wakes up, it is there for him to play with during the day, and it is there for him when he goes to sleep at night. He LOVES his blankie!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

HIdden Image

Did anyone spot the "pee" spot in the picture of naked Bryekin on the couch at the Wilderness?? Didn't know it was there, did you?? Take a look and see if you can find it. It was pretty funny!!

Coming soon...Bryekin's First Birthday Party information!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Wilderness

Brad, Dee, Brent, Bryekin and I decided to go down to the Dells for a couple days over spring break, so we ended up booking a room at the Wilderness. Thanks to a wonderful law enforcement discount we were booked in a 2 bedroom deluxe 900 sq ft condo. We left Menomonie and met Molly at the Golf Rd exit where I hopped in with her and we continued on to the Dells. We arrived around 120pm and Dee went to see if we could check in and the 2 bedroom was not ready...so...they upgraded us to the 1300 sq ft deluxe instead!!! It was lovely. We had a kitchen, dining room, living room, and off the living room was a master bedroom with masterbath (Brad and Dee's room) and around the corner was the 2nd room with 2 queen beds, bathroom, and wet bar, along with 2 patios. Molly got her own bed, Bryekin got his own bed (pack and play), so we were set!! We roamed around for a little bit to check out the area then went back to the room to suit up!! We kicked back in the lazy river for a bit and played in the kiddie area where Bryekin rode in the water swing!!

Molly, Brent and I went down the "Hurricane," and after that we ventured over to the wave pool only to find out that it was closed for a while because someone POO'D in it!! And people were lined up waiting for it to reopen, AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! We stayed in that night and ordered pizza from Sorentos, yummy!!! Thursday we got up and had breakfast, then suited up for the waterpark. Molly took Bryekin down a waterslide and he LOVED it!!!

Molly left later that afternoon as she was heading to the cities the next day to get ready putting together a bachelorette party for her friend Sarah as she is her maid of honor in her wedding this summer. The rest of us relaxed for a bit then headed to the MooseJaw for dinner. After dinner we went to the arcade for a bit of skeeball and hunting games and to let Bryekin crawl around in the infant area, but it was right next to the bigger kids playground and he didn't really like the noise from the ball shooter thing. He did get to ride the Garfield ride though, too funny.

The next day we got up and had breakfast and got everything packed and ready to go. We had to check out by 11, but the nice thing about the Wilderness is that you can stay and play all day after you check out. So...we ended up at the wave pool for a while and hit the road around 2pm.

What a nice getaway!!!
For the full Wilderness photo album visit http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=65840&id=504814896&l=ae9d75f07a

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese

Molly, Drew, Brent and I had every intention on winning 1000 tickets to get Bryekin a wiggle ball. Well, we came up 617 tickets short:( My skeeball game wasn't on today and Brent and Drew spent more time at the hunting game which doesn't reward you with tickets, rather than winning big on the ticket games. Molly hit big on some wooden bucket catapult game!!

Bryekin did have a fun time riding with Chuck E. in his photo car and also had a nice ride in Bob the Builder's rig. The Roe children played a lot in the tubes at the jungle gym and Alli was a frequent passenger in Bob the Builder's rig as well!!

It was really hot in that place and very overwhelming with all the kids running around. I could not believe the amount of kids who were left unattended running all over!! That is what Chuck E. Cheese is for right? Well, to a point, but there was even an infant left in their car seat in a booth and I watched for over 10 minutes and no one checked on that baby!! What are these people thinking??? That is asinine (as my dad would say)!!
The point to this trip was to get together and celebrate all the Jan/Feb birthday's. We really did have a great time and we would certainly do it again, for the kids that is!!

P.S. Bryekin still ended up with a wiggle ball, we just paid the difference!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Birthday(s) Party

January and February are home to 4 birthday's in our family!! My mom's b-day is on January 28, Alli Roe's is on January 30, my dad's is on February 15, and Pam's is on February 22. We get together and celebrate all the birthday's at once and guess where we are having the party this year...

You guessed it... Chuck E. Cheese!!! Alli's choice of course!! The wonderful thing about this year's party is that Molly is also flying home tomorrow morning, so she'll be able to join us!! Bryekin is big enough too that he should be able to ride some of the kiddie rides!! My plan is to kick my mom's butt in skeeball. I can't wait to go!! ...where a kid can be a kid!!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Reality TV Addict

We are deep in the heart of reality television season and I am loving it, Brent not so much. Our family along with other family and friends are in a "Survivor" pool where we all pay for entry and then each of us are randomly given a Survivor. I am proud to say that the three of us are still in the running!!

My survivor player is Debbie.
I like her thus far, she seems to be quite active and has enough strength to pretty much keep up in the challenges.

Brent's survivor is J.T.

J.T. is pretty much as hick as it gets. He's really strong though, but I think his uncertainty with his alliances might catch up with him. It is kind of funny because Brent does not follow the series so has no idea if he's still in it or not. If Brent wins, he splitting the money with me since I keep him updated!!

Bryekin's survivor is Stephen.

Stephen is 100% adorable, lovable geek!! He seems to be such a sweet guy, but definitely dorky!! I am thinking that if Stephen aligns with Taj, Brenden and Sierra, he could go all the way! Is a 9 month old gonna win this game???!!!

Aside from Survivor, my other favorites include Jon & Kate plus 8, Little People, Big World, The City, Biggest Loser, Rock of Love Bus, The Girls Next Door, several others, and last but not least....dum, dum, dum... Dancing With The Stars, which started tonight!!!!! I am glad to see Holly Madison from The Girls Next Door made it on the show at the last minute, however, I am thinking she is not going to make it to the end unfortunately. You do need some rhythm aside from beauty to make it to the finals here. I am rooting for Chuck Wills and his partner/girlfriend Julianne Hough. Perhaps he may propose sometime during the show!!!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What was I thinking...

So today I went to Woodbury to have lunch and go shopping with my friend Kristina. We had so much to catch up on and it was great to see her!! We then went bumming around Woodbury (great sales at JC Penney!!) I told her that I wanted to go get my nose pierced!!! I had been thinking about it for a while, but Brent told me absolutely not. Ahhhhhhhhh!! We drove to a place in Maplewood and I saw the shop and decided that I would NOT go there, so she then mentioned a place in Stillwater where a friend of her has gone in the past. So, we drove to Stillwater and on the way I called Molly. I was thinking she was going to say, "oh cool, good luck," but no. She said, "why the heck are you going to do that?" I then told her that I called her because I figured she would give me the go ahead (since Brent would not) and after I told her that, she says, "oh yes, I support your decision!!" So we joked around until I arrived at the shop. And here it is..... (Thanks Kristina!!) On a different note, you have to see how funny Bryekin is running around the house in his "walker."

Monday, March 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

There are only a few minutes left of Dr. Suess' birthday, but I have to share the Cat in the Hat that Bryekin made at Meghan's today!!

This past weekend had a couple of firsts. Bryekin got to have pancakes for breakfast!!

Brent and I went to the Pioneer, which isn't a first, but it was the first time since they added on and it turned out very nice. There is much more room and your not running into someone every time you turn around. We had our own booth with a group of our friends and danced the night away to the D-Boys band (they played at our wedding!!) I also won myself a Budweiser insulated cooler!!! Please don't ask how.

Bryekin and I are off to hopefully visit baby Ryker tomorrow and then off to Eau Claire to see Grandma and Grandpa P. We've had a gift for Ryker for a while, but he was born while we were in Marinette for my Uncle's funeral, so we haven't met him yet, only have seen pictures!! I'm interested to see how Bryekin likes such a new baby!!