Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Yard

Funniest, cutest thing ever...Brent and Bryekin in a skid steer hauling rock and dirt back and forth across the yard.

It definitely needed to be done and I am so excited that Brent took initiative today and just got it done. After relocating the rock to the inside of the edging that was almost finished last fall, he went and picked up some dirt from the neighbors and filled in the areas that were washed out. I attempted to spread out some of the dirt and I kind of lined where I wanted things to be. It's a damn good thing I am not a landscape artist for a living.
The ledge in the garage is almost done, I have stained and poly'd the railing and quarter round, now I just have to figure out how to put the thing up. Something about two end posts...hum.
We have the black dirt coming early next week, the in ground sprinkler guy after that, and finally the grass guy after that. I cannot wait to have real grass!!!! It won't be in time for Bryekin's party, but that's ok, better later than never I guess.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back to Life, Back to Reality

I arrived back in Wisconny on Monday night to temperatures in the high 40's, low 50's. Considering earlier in the day I was laying at the pool in the 85 degree weather with the sun beating down on me, those temps were a little chilly!!
Back Track...
I arrived into the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport at 930am Fridy morning and it was pouring rain. It was the worst flight I have ever taken and I was pretty confident we were going to crash. Thunder was crashing all around the plane and bolts of lightning we lighting up the sky, the turbulance was c-razyyyyyyyy. Anyways, I landed safe and sound and after Molly picked me up, we went and had pedicures.

After pedi's, lunch and shopping took place. To round out the night we went to the Texas Rangers vs Kansas City Royals baseball game at Ranger Stadium. Although the Ranger's lost, the game was a BLAST!!!

Saturday morning I was able to chill out for a bit and then we went to a BBQ at a co-worked of Ned and Molly. Ned is Molly's boyfriend and he works for Primerica. Their co-workers get together every now and then and grill out. After the BBQ we headed back to Molly's apt and got ready for our night out. Dinner at Joe T. Garcia's, YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY, doesn't even sum it up. Your choice for dinner consists of either fajitas or enchilada's, that's it. My mom, Cheryl and I split an order of fajitas. Molly and Ned also had fajitas and we shared a pitcher or two (ok we had three) of margaritas!!

After dinner we went to Billie Bob's, the world's largest honky tonk, for a Tracy Byrd concert and Molly and Ned hit the dance floor!!! (Sorry the pic is so small, I can't figure out how to fix it.)

Sunday morning we went to church in downtown Fort Worth. The service was good and the church is absolutly beautiful. We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and then headed back to Molly's apt for some relaxation and some mean games of Cribbage.
Later Sunday night we headed to PF Chang's in downtown FW for dinner. There was an art festival going on and they were in the process of cleaning up, but it looked like they had a good turn out. Note to self: if you're a size 8 shoe, do not wear your mother's size 10 shoe, especially when you're going to be walking more than a few blocks!!!
Monday was the day at the pool. Although the weather was decent, Monday was the best pool day by far!!! Molly dropped us off at the airport around 430 and our flight left an hour later. I arrived home to a sleeping baby, I should have know he was going to be sleeping already, but I missed him and raced home. Oh well, I got up with him the next morning and we all had a marvelous week!!!

Easter Pics

Bryekin's first Easter!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Heading to Dallas, Tx y'all

I am on a 7am flight to Dallas, TX tomorrow morning which means I need to leave home at 430am, ouch. Well worth it though. I get to spend the weekend with my sister who lives in Fort Worth!!! My mom and her bff Cheryl flew down earlier today. GIRLS WEEKEND...
We have pedicures planned, a Texas Rangers game Friday night, a BBQ on Saturday afternoon, headin' to Billie Bob's Honky Tonk on Saturday night for the Tracy Byrd concert, fajitas and margaritas At Joe T. Garcias, church, Cracker barrel breakfast, and hopefully some r&r next to the pool. Can't wait!!
I wish Bryekin could go, but he needs away from mommy time and I need some sleep and relaxation!!! He should have a fun weekend! I took him out in his new Radio Flyer wagon earlier today and he absolutely LOVES it. It is so funny to watch him while he rides, he kicks back with his arm hanging off one side and he looks around at everything just giggling away. Hopefully he'll get more rides while I'm gone.

Well, until next week, talk to y'all later!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Natural Therapy

Did you know that there are over 200 references to healing oils, aromatics, incense, and ointments throughout the Old and New Testaments of the Bible?

Aromatherapy/healing oils was the topic at todays seminar at SAMmy's. Jen who is an aromatherapy practitioner gave the lesson which included many biblical references which was very interested, especially for me who would have never corolated the two. We had the opportunity to make a bath salt and I cannot wait to use it!!
The recipe is as follows:
1 Cup Epsom Salt
1 Tbsp Baking Soda
5-10 Drops of Essential Oil (the real stuff, not synthetic...huge difference)
1-2 drops of Food Coloring
For a moisturing scrub: Add 1\4 Cup of jojoba oil.
For more on oils, visit Jen's website at

We had a lovely luncheon which consisted of Asian food, ie. rice, chicken curry, sausage wontons, and brownies. After lunch we put together our bath salts, did a parafin dip, and even had a few minute massage. Lovely.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Fun!!!

What a wonderful weekend (minus being hit in the leg/foot/hand by a car on Friday.)!!! Anyways, on Friday afternoon Bryekin and I went to Eau Claire to spend the weekend with my parents. We went to dinner at Olive Garden, yummy, then headed home for the night. Saturday we ran some last minute errands and then put time in the kitchen prepping for Sunday's feast. Pam, Greg, Emma, Alli, and Adam arrived around 630pm and Brent stopped by too before his midnight shift. The main dish for dinner on Saturday was RIBS!!! My mom has an AWESOME recipe!!! After dinner the kids went to bed and sometime shortly after that, I think the Easter Bunny showed up.

Sunday morning consisted of an Easter egg hunt, finding Easter baskets, having a fruit breakfast and heading off to church. The service was good, not great, but the jist was there. Breykin made it 2\3's of the way through and then was ready to go. So, we went out to the hallway, then to the front steps and watched the passing cars. One of the greeters had opened the doors as it was sooo hot in there so we could still hear the sermon. After church we went back to my mom and dad's, had some hors d'oerves, watched the Masters, and played cribbage. Pam and Greg were partners and went undefeated!! Boo to them :)
Brad and Dee (Brent's parents) came over around 230pm and we had our Easter dinner about 415pm. Emma led us in "Johnny Appleseed" prayer and then dinner it was. Ham, smoked turkey, brocolli, rice and cheese cassarole, asparagus (my fav), rolls, baby red potatoes, corn, and fruit rounded out the dinner menu. Our dessert was a devil's food chocolate rabbit cake which was scrumptious (without coconut that is, I am not a coconut fan.) After dinner we finished watching the Master's playoff, I was hoping Kenny Perry would have won, but congrats to Angel, it is quite an accomplishment. And then home we headed for lots of unpacking and picking up. Poor Bryekin didn't sleep well his first night home, I think he had a bit too much stimulation and was out of wack. Til next Easter...
The bunny lady was not at church this year:( However, 100 yo Ruby was there and man did she look great for 100!!!

Easter pics coming soon...

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Easter Week

One more day of work and then off for 6 days (minus a 4hr overtime shift on Friday)!!! Yea!!! We are going to spend the weekend at my parent's house and the Easter Bunny is set to arrive sometime early Sunday morning. The Roe's and Brad and Dee are scheduled to come over early in the afternoon to celebrate with us too!!!

Each year I look forward to attending the Sunday church service as the "Easter Bunny" shows up. She is a lady who has got to be in her 70's who wears a pink rabbit costume complete with the white puffy tail. She is too cute!! She tends to dye her hair as well, she is so adorable.

Saturday, April 04, 2009


The second part of this past week was so busy. On Wednesday morning I had SAMmy's from 930-11am and then I hit up Woodbury/Hudson for some spring shopping. I ran to the party store for all of Bryekin's supplies for his party, that place is too cool. I spent almost 2 hrs there. I switched the color scheme about three times, so that meant loading the cart, unloading the cart, reloading the cart, unloading the cart, and then reloading the cart with the supplies in the coloring I finally decided on. It was fun though!!

On a different note, in a couple weeks, one of the girls in my SAMmy's group is having a Pampered Chef party and all of the profits are going to our SAMmy's group in Hudson. SAMmy's was founded by Pennie Bixler, my group leader, and she has been financially supporting SAMmy's herself. We are in need of some financial backing and the Pampered Chef party is going to be a start. Each week we have lessons which require handouts, so the cost of the printing and the paperwork is all adding up. Child care is also available for us on site, there is a small fee, but they are not making any money on that either. If anyone has any ideas or knows of someone or a business that would like to help out, please let me know. If anyone would like to order any Pampered Chef items, let me know too!!