Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Why is it that baby's find an item and use it for security purposes? Some babies have stuffed animals, the Gosselin sextuplets have "chewies," some babies prefer sucking their thumbs, but Bryekin, he LOVES his blankie.

When he was first born we kept a Carter's little blue stuffed puppy dog next to his bedside in the hospital. He probably never knew it was there, but Brent and I did and for some reason we found comfort in the fact that we knew we put it there for Bryekin. After he was released, that puppy dog has just sat in the same spot in his room. Maybe some day he'll understand why Brent and I love that dog.

My blankie meant so much to me growing up, I was definitely attached. However, I think I am ready to retire him. I have no plans on throwing him away, but with a new baby in the house means a new blankie in the house and there isn't room for two. Knowing what comfort that blanket brought to me, I will certainly allow Bryekin to have his blankie (most of the time).

This poor blankie started out as a sunshine yellow color with yellow satin that was replaced by my grandma's several times. It used to be one square of blankie, but over time it turned into a ragged thin piece of fabric. That blanket has been around the world, literally, and has seen it's days!!!

Now Bryekin's blankie on the other hand... Bryekin was given his blankie by Grandma Sherry when he was born. He couldn't have it in his bassinet in the Special Care Nursery, so I took care of it for him, right along with my blankie. After we got home from the hospital Bryekin didn't really care about his blankie. We would give it to him and he liked it just fine, but really didn't seem to care if he had it or not. These days however that blanket is Bryekin's best friend!! It is there for him in the morning when he wakes up, it is there for him to play with during the day, and it is there for him when he goes to sleep at night. He LOVES his blankie!!!