Friday, July 03, 2009

T minus 2

We are all packed and ready to head to Grandview for the whole week!! Normally we would go up for two separate long weekends, but this time we are going for the long haul!! Grandpa and Grandma Pogrant scored us an awesome 3 bedroom/3 bathroom cabin with a kitchen and all. Each of us mini family's are responsible for one night of dinner (for the Leach's, we are doing fajitas!!) Then I'm sure we will hit up Rafferty's, Nisswa's amazing pizza joint, and perhaps maybe Quarterdeck. Otherwise I am bringing with the "Pudgie Pie Maker." With Ned being from Texas, he hasn't experienced some "up north" things, so I thought that would be fun!! It was fun for me when Ned took us to the BBQ shack when were in Ft. Worth, so I'm giving him a taste of Wisco/Minn.

On Sunday we are going to head to Woodbury and stop at Kid's Hair to see if they have any openings for Bryekin's first haircut. I didn't make an appointment because I though if they had an opening then it was meant to be and if they don't have an opening then I shouldn't get it cut yet!!
Our reservations for Sunday night are at the Holiday Inn in Elk River, MN. We are picking up Molly, Ned and Donnie from the Minneapolis/St.Paul airport around 8pm, so we thought instead of driving back to Wisco we would get a hotel on the way to Nisswa!! They have an indoor water park, so Brent, Boo and I may head right over after Woodbury and play in the water for a bit. We thought we'd take the boys down to the water park on Monday morning before we head north too!! Since we are going to be right off from 494, I promised Brent Don Pablo's!!! Our favorite restaurant which we rarely get to go to since the one in Woodbury shut down.

I think we are all very ready for a week away without work or dumb drama!! I can't think of a better way to spend my vacation than with my family!!!

Grandview here we come... after a fun filled 4th of July of course!!!

2008 Grandview Lodge family pic: