Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Country Jam 2009

This last week I went to Country Jam. It was a good time, pretty mellow compaired to years past, but still fun. It it always fun to people watch and to run into people you haven't seen in a while!! Although the line up wasn't all that impressive, the concerts were good and the atmosphere was lovely.

The above picture is not the best, but you get the jist.

While Amanda and I were at Jam, we ran into Lee and his wife Char. Lee is a co-worker of ours and he was certainly enjoying himself. He was able to convince their family friend to take a ride on the "Big Sling" with him. While he was waiting in line, the ride broke down. After his turn was done, the ride broke down again, this time for the rest of the weekend. Lee was hilarious and it looked like he enjoyed his ride!!

If you can't tell, this is Tim McGraw's profile, blk cowboy hat and all.

And, here is what Bryekin did this weekend!! He got to go to Irvine Park, play on the playset, go for a lawnmower ride, etc!!! Grandma and Grandpa P take him all over and he surely LOVES it!!! He did come home though and referred to everything as "baby." Blankie is now baby, book is now baby, yummy is now baby, etc, too funny!