Sunday, June 07, 2009

Taste of Eau Claire

Today around noon, Bryekin and I headed to Phoenix Park in Eau Claire to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa Pogrant for the "Taste of Eau Claire."

There were about 15 booths set up with different restaurants from the Eau Claire area. Each booth had a selection of 4-5 items and they were priced ranging from 1 ticket to around 5 tickets, with each ticket being worth $1. The selections consisted of mini-sized portions (but decent portions) of items from that particular restaurants menu. They had live music playing all day as well in the amphitheater area. I'm not sure of the name of the band we listened to, but they had GreenDay type melodies. Definitely not GreenDay, but decent.

For the food...
I hit up Fazoli's for an Italian Lemon Ice and also Whisky Dicks for some teriyaki-garlic chicken wings...oh my goodness, to DIE for!!!!

My mom stopped by the Haymarket Grille for a Reuben sandwich and also Shanghai Bistro for a California roll.

Bryekin had his own corn dog, but also had bites of all our stuff which he thoroughly enjoyed.

My dad enjoyed a soft shell taco from Burrachos and we all shared cheese curds from the Milwaukee Burger Company. I'd have to do another trial, but they may be in competition with Dooley's for the best beer-battered cheese curds!!!

It was a little chilly, but not too bad if you were moving around. We tooled around for a bit before and after lunch (my favorite part is people watching, oh my!!!)

Bryekin's favorite thing today was the inflatables. We were going to go in the jumping house, but there were too many big kids in there, so we improvised!!! He LOVED it!!