Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away...

Of course when you have days off that you are looking forward to, it rains!! So, we made the best of it and go in some SUPER shopping and I even got to have an hour and a half massage on Wednesday!!!

SHOPPING!!! Something I love, but also something that I hate when it involves trying on clothes, boo hiss!!! However, this experience was a bit different!!! I LOVE this shopping trip, trying clothes on and all.
Here's the story... On Thursday, Bryekin and I went and picked up Buffalo Wild Wings to bring to Grandma Sherry as she was working at the thrift sale all morning. The thrift sale was originally last Saturday, but of course it was raining, so the turnout was really bad. So, they decided to keep everything out and hold the sale again on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I brought some boxes of clothes of mine and Brent's over as well as my popazan and some of it sold!! Brent and I actually bought a new sink and counter top that Becky (my mom's neighbor) was selling as she just replaced all of her appliances and basically re-decorated her kitchen which was only a couple years old!! Ok, back on after the thrift sale was closed for the day, my mom, Boo and I ran out to Kohls because I got the additional 30% your entire purchase coupon on my Kohls catalog. Now 30%, that is a big deal. I needed to find a new swim suit for me for Grandview, a gift for my dad for Father's Day, and I always hit up the clearance racks for some good deals!!
Here is my finds:
Swim Bottoms- $34.00, on sale for $19.99
Swimsuit- $88.00, on sale for $43.99
Khaki shorts- $36.00, on sale for $19.99
Chaps blk jeans- $55.00, on clearance for $11.00
Shoes for Bryekin- $11.99, on clearance for $11.99
6 puzzles- $4.99, on sale for $3.49
Fisher Price 3D viewer- $15.99, on clearance for $5.99
2 Remote Control Race Cars- $39.99, on clearance at 90% off for $3.99
Picture Frame- $19.99, on clearance for $5.99
Thermometer- $29.99, on clearance for $8.99
Serving Platter- $29.99, on clearance for $8.99
3 Vanity Fair Undies- $8.50, on clearance for $1.70
Olga and Bali Bras- $32.00, on clearance for $9.60.
Several more odds and ends were purchased also for a total of $333.43. WAIT!!! Minus my 30% discount and the grand total was...drumroll....$246.24, for a savings of $543.46, whoo whoo!!!

I also don't think I've mentioned yet that I have become obsessed with "Double Coupon Week" at KMART. This occurs about once every few months. Check out a few of these deals:
Huggies Bath Wash- $3.34, $1.50 coupon, doubled = $3.00, end cost was $.34.
Huggies Wipes- $2.99, $1.50 coupon, doubled = $3.00, end cost FREE!
Huggies Overnight Diapers- $9.99, $2.00 coupon, doubled = $4.00, end cost $5.99.
Huggies Little Swimmers- $7.99, $2.00 coupon, doubles = $4.00, end cost $3.99.
Plus... if you bought so many Huggies products (which I did) you earned a $14 off a $14 purchase!!!
Vitamin Shampoo, $6.99, tag on bottle for "this bottle free," end cost FREE!
Ziploc Zip and Steam Bags- $2.00, $.75 coupon, doubled = $1.50, end cost was $.50.
Cheerios- $2.00, $1.00 coupon, doubled = $2.00, end cost was FREE!
Women's Razors- $4.79, $2.00 coupon, doubled = $4.00, end cost was $.79.

You get the drift!!! Brent used to make fun of me for coupon clipping, but ever since I actually showed him the receipt with the totals and savings, he is in awe!! Depending on the situation I even send him to his own check out lane if we are together! Now I have to find something to do with all the money I saved, perhaps buy some ziploc bags!! :)