Thursday, June 04, 2009

Days Off... they're over:(

I had wonderful days off this week which fell on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Bryekin and I played outside the majority of the time and also ran a few errands. It was so nice out that we were able to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner out on the deck!! Today was also Bryekin's first McDonald's Happy Meal which we took to the park to eat!! He had chicken nuggets, apples, and milk. Apparently these days you need to ask for a under 3 years old toy, which I didn't know, so Bryekin was jipped out of a toy with his very first happy meal, Boo mommy!!

I am happy to report that the septic area has been finished off, complete with 6 bushes, landscape fabric and red colored mulch. I also decided that I would add the red mulch next to the back patio too. I also put in 4 perennials, don't ask what kind they are, I just looked at the tag for "full sun" and threw (I mean set) them in the cart. Two of them have pink flowers and the other two have yellow flowers, pretty right?
The in ground sprinkler people were to come this week also, but I have yet to hear from them, so they best arrive tomorrow!!! I can't wait much longer for grass!!!! Brent still needs to get the rock spread under the deck stairs and that will be about it for the summer, other than grass of course.

Well, Bryekin's one year appointment is tomorrow where he'll get a physical and his one year shots (lots of them I hear:( ) Good thing Brent is going with so I can step out while he gets them. Other than that, we're heading to my friend Kristi and Aaron's wedding on Saturday and then off to Phoenix Park on Sunday for the "Taste of Eau Claire."

Happy Weekend!!