Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Activities

Saturday morning began with Bryekin snuggling in bed with Brent and I. What a wonderful way to start the day. My mom and dad came over around 930 and we took Bryekin to "Breakfast on the Farm.". There were soooo many people there, but the Belgian waffles were worth the wait!! They had a petting zoo set up and Bryekin seems to be a fan of llamas and goats. Free ice cream too. I think I will make this a tradition. I remember my mom taking Molly and I when we were little and I remember having so much fun. I am going to pass that on to Bryekin. He also got to sit on a couple tractors and he saw a newly born calf. I pointed to the cows and said, "cow, moooooooo, moooooo." Bryekin responded, "moo." Too damn cute!!!

After breakfast, Bryekin went with G&G P to Eau Claire for the rest of the weekend as Brent and I had to work and I had my friend Jen's baby shower today. Brent and I went out to the Pioneer last night to meet some of Brent's co-worker's as it was one of the girl's 30th birthday (Happy Birthday Kari)!! It was a lot of fun as we ended up knowing a bunch of other people out there too. My friends Lanny and Shane showed up as did Trooper Sean and his wonderful wife Kelly. I only recently met Kelly, but she is such a doll. Anyways...

Although Bryekin's b-day was last week, he scored a new water table from G&G P!! It looks sooo much fun and I'm thinking I need to get him one for our house. As we all know, he absolutely LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the water and swimming.

Sassy Grandpa squirting Boo with water from the walrus!!!

I finally start my three days off tomorrow (well, technically tonight at 11 p.m.) and I can't wait!!!

What a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!