Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Can you hear me now?

So...I got another new phone; the Blackberry Curve 8330, red in color!!!

I had switched Brent and I to AT&T and then after a few days, I absolutely HATED my phone and the service!!! So frustrating!! Brent liked his phone and doesn't mind the service, so I kept him at AT&T and I switched back to Alltel. Ah, much better!! I should have just kept us with the same company from the get go and then I wouldn't have had to deal with all the hassle. Oh well, done deal now!!

Amanda's Tip of the Week:
If you have been with a certain insurance company for more than a few years, check into other companies. We recently switched our homeowner's and auto insurances to Metlife. Our previous carrier was State Farm and they were GREAT, but when you can save over $700 on both vehicles and about $100 on homeowners with the same exact or better coverage, why not do it!! Check it out!!