Sunday, May 17, 2009

Boo's Swingset

What a relief, after many, many, many hours of putting thousands of pieces together, Bryekin's swingset is finally complete. Thanks to the help of Grandma and Grandpa Pogrant and Grandma and Grandpa Leach, the Sierra playset is basically ready for play time. We still have some mulch to put down as well and some rock in the picnic table area, but other than that, it's DONE!!!!!!!!!!



Bryekin is also the proud new owner of a baby swing that he LOVES to swing in. Only a big boy swing came with the set, so G & G Po got Boo a baby swing for his b-day. Brent and I also purchased a ~steering wheel~ which Grandpa L bolted to the wall in the top fort. Since Boo absolutly LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to drive (see picture below), we definately thought the wheel was appropriate!! He already tried it out and loved it!! With living in the country, Brent and I really wanted Boo to have a nice play area since we don't have any Bryekin sized kids in the area. I think he'll be happy.