Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Fun!!!

What a wonderful weekend (minus being hit in the leg/foot/hand by a car on Friday.)!!! Anyways, on Friday afternoon Bryekin and I went to Eau Claire to spend the weekend with my parents. We went to dinner at Olive Garden, yummy, then headed home for the night. Saturday we ran some last minute errands and then put time in the kitchen prepping for Sunday's feast. Pam, Greg, Emma, Alli, and Adam arrived around 630pm and Brent stopped by too before his midnight shift. The main dish for dinner on Saturday was RIBS!!! My mom has an AWESOME recipe!!! After dinner the kids went to bed and sometime shortly after that, I think the Easter Bunny showed up.

Sunday morning consisted of an Easter egg hunt, finding Easter baskets, having a fruit breakfast and heading off to church. The service was good, not great, but the jist was there. Breykin made it 2\3's of the way through and then was ready to go. So, we went out to the hallway, then to the front steps and watched the passing cars. One of the greeters had opened the doors as it was sooo hot in there so we could still hear the sermon. After church we went back to my mom and dad's, had some hors d'oerves, watched the Masters, and played cribbage. Pam and Greg were partners and went undefeated!! Boo to them :)
Brad and Dee (Brent's parents) came over around 230pm and we had our Easter dinner about 415pm. Emma led us in "Johnny Appleseed" prayer and then dinner it was. Ham, smoked turkey, brocolli, rice and cheese cassarole, asparagus (my fav), rolls, baby red potatoes, corn, and fruit rounded out the dinner menu. Our dessert was a devil's food chocolate rabbit cake which was scrumptious (without coconut that is, I am not a coconut fan.) After dinner we finished watching the Master's playoff, I was hoping Kenny Perry would have won, but congrats to Angel, it is quite an accomplishment. And then home we headed for lots of unpacking and picking up. Poor Bryekin didn't sleep well his first night home, I think he had a bit too much stimulation and was out of wack. Til next Easter...
The bunny lady was not at church this year:( However, 100 yo Ruby was there and man did she look great for 100!!!

Easter pics coming soon...