Saturday, April 04, 2009


The second part of this past week was so busy. On Wednesday morning I had SAMmy's from 930-11am and then I hit up Woodbury/Hudson for some spring shopping. I ran to the party store for all of Bryekin's supplies for his party, that place is too cool. I spent almost 2 hrs there. I switched the color scheme about three times, so that meant loading the cart, unloading the cart, reloading the cart, unloading the cart, and then reloading the cart with the supplies in the coloring I finally decided on. It was fun though!!

On a different note, in a couple weeks, one of the girls in my SAMmy's group is having a Pampered Chef party and all of the profits are going to our SAMmy's group in Hudson. SAMmy's was founded by Pennie Bixler, my group leader, and she has been financially supporting SAMmy's herself. We are in need of some financial backing and the Pampered Chef party is going to be a start. Each week we have lessons which require handouts, so the cost of the printing and the paperwork is all adding up. Child care is also available for us on site, there is a small fee, but they are not making any money on that either. If anyone has any ideas or knows of someone or a business that would like to help out, please let me know. If anyone would like to order any Pampered Chef items, let me know too!!