Friday, August 21, 2009

Monkey Business

My three days off have been MISERABLE, aside from the company of Brent, Bryekin and my mom on Wednesday. I have been sick, no I'm not pregnant thank you very much, and I have not been able to eat "real" food for several days. My diet today has consisted of Sierra Mist. Blah... anyways...

Monkey Business, a local day care provider, had an open house on Thursday, so we went! We originally had planned to go downtown for the Menomonie Community Cookout, but that got cancelled due to the weather. We instead hit up Pizza Hut and then off to Monkey Business it was.

We toured the building, very nice, and then went outside and played!!

Bryekin loved the bounce house, but would only go in it if daddy went too! I wish I had video, his little giggle was too cute!!!

Ozseeker the Clown was pretty cool. She asked what Bryekin wanted and we told her to suprise us. She was making the other kids hats, monkeys, parrots, etc.

She ended up making Bryekin a fishing pole with a fish on the hook. The funny part was Bryekin held on to it all night and every so often he would go, "Bob." That is the name of his beta fish which makes his home in his tank which is in Boo's room!!

One trip down the big slide before we headed home for the night!