Friday, August 14, 2009

Hayward ATV Trip

Brent and I REALLY needed a get away, so we decided to go ATV-ing in Hayward. We usually go to Hayward each year around Labor Day weekend (our anniversary/my b-day), but since we both work this Labor day and my birthday doesn't fall til the next weeekend, we decided to go now!!
I took Bryekin to Meghan's around 1230pm and when I got back Brent was all ready to go. He had to work til 6 that morning so he grabbed a few zzzz's before we left!! We got to Barron and I realized I left my purse at home (DUH)!!! Brent was willing to turn around, but I thought since I had my handy dandy Blackberry (in case Boo needed me) and Brent was with me, what more did I need, so I told him I'd be fine and we should keep going. Boy was I wrong!!! Part of my life is in that dang purse; meds, money, drivers license, lip balm, etc. So Kelly brought it up for me the next day!! (Thanks again Kel!!)

Anyways, we arrived in Hayward and went tubing down the Namekagon River (like always.) It was about 85 degrees out and sunny, so it was perfect!! The river was quite low, but we made it through. We were coming up to the second bridge which is where you get out when we realized we were out of beer!! Thank goodness we only had a few hundred feet left of floating, lol!

We went and checked in at our hotel room at the LCO Casino and spiffied up for dinner. We went to Famous Daves and ate outside!!!

Later in the evening we hit up the casino and played our favorite slots. I won $20 but of course lost it the next day!!

Kelly and Sean arrived around noon, they were delayed with a flat tire in Rice Lake, but they made it!! We hit the trails and ended up riding 62 miles! It was an absolute BLAST!!!! I can't wait to go again!

Kelly and Sean at the head of the trail.

Kelly recreating her high school senior picture pose.

Brent playing in the only mud we found all day.

We "made" Kelly go through on her own!!

Sean was STUCK and then spilled his beer during the removal process!!

Brent and I in front of the marsh/lake, it was sooo pretty! Sean thought the picture would be better with the shot up one lane bridge sign in the background, lol.

Around 8 or so we headed out for pizza at Coops, then off to the Cruz-in for some evening cocktails and one CRAZY dj. I wish I would have gotten a picture of him, but he was bouncing around all over the place, I couldn't!!

We had such a good time with good friends and can't wait to do it again!!!