Thursday, September 03, 2009

MN State Fair

Last Thursday, Brent, Bryekin, and I headed out to the Minnesota State Fair. It was the opening day and it ended up being quite a bit busier than I thought, but we still had a fun time.

We started our day with a tour through the birthing barn. We didn't actually see any animals being born, but a pig had just had her piglets and Bryekin was able to pet a baby chick and a baby miniature horse.

After that we tooled around in the area and checked out some of the vendor booths, grabbed a beer and some food. With soooo many food options, it was hard to choose a snack, but I of course decided on the deep fried pickles!! They are soooo AWESOME, I had to have then. Brent and Bryekin even tried them and liked them too!! Bryekin's meal consisted of some chicken strips and fries, and Brent decided on the footlong corndog!! Then we all shared some cookies.

We stopped and played with some lego, large lego!!! They were so cool and they were perfect for Bryekin. I have even emailed the company to see where I can get some! They didn't list them on their website for sale, but I WANT THEM!!!

Bryekin and Brent rode the whale ride and since Brent was with, Boo did okay.

Then Bryekin and I rode on the carousel and that went pretty well too.

Bryekin was going to ride the race cars, all by himself!! He LOVED sitting in the car and playing with the steering wheel!!!

But then..................... the ride started to move! NOT A FAN!!! Poor thing. I'm thinking he is still just a tad too small for riding alone!

Just before we left for the day, Brent played a couple of the games and won Bryekin a stuffed SpongeBob.

We had a wonderful day!!!